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Only one organization in California is making sure lawmakers who understand the importance of psychology to the state of California are supported: The CPA-PAC.  Anyone and everyone with an interest in mental health should donate to the CPA-PAC.  This means psychologists, psychological grad students, vendors, suppliers and patients should all make contributions. 

Protect Your Profession

California's elected officals can and do have a major impact on our profession.  In today's expensive campaign climate, where a state assembly race can cost as much as $3 million, its important to make sure we support candidates who are pro-psychology.  Without your support they cannot pay for campaign costs such as direct mail, tv advertising or radio ads.

Attend Local Fundraisers

A great way to build relationships with your local legislators is to attend a fundraiser for them in your area.  Check out the below slideshow to see CPA members attending events in their areas.




If you have a question about donating to the CPA-PAC or would like to attend a fundraiser in your area please contact the PAC at





1231 I Street, Suite 204
Sacramento, California 95814

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