July 8, 2016

Want Even More?

Interested in knowing CPA’s position on other bills that will affect the profession? Please take a moment and visit www.cpapsych.org and look for Legislative Positions under the Advocacy tab. Over 2,000 bills were introduced in the Legislature this year. Bills are constantly being amended so our work is non-stop until the end of the legislative session in September 2016. CPA staff recommends positions on bills, sends bill summaries out to our LAN Reps to receive feedback, and our Board of Directors then discusses and votes on positions. The Board’s recommended bill positions are presented at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference. The CPA Board then reviews positions (potentially changing positions) and receives bill updates from staff at every board meeting.

Please check the website frequently for updates! Any questions? Please contact Amanda Levy at alevy@cpapsych.org



In our last Legislative Update, we took a closer look at what was going on in the Legislature and CPA’s positions on bills important to the practice of psychology. In this issue, we’d like to update you on the victories we’ve had so far and alert you to issues of continuing importance and interest to CPA. Last week, the Legislature adjourned for Summer Recess-all legislative activity will re-commence on Monday August 1, 2016.

AB 2607 (Ting) Expansion of Gun Violence Restraining Order to Include Psychotherapists
CPA Opposed Bill

In a win for CPA, psychologists and patients, Governor Brown vetoed AB 2607 (Ting), a bill which would have included psychotherapists in the list of people who could initiate a Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO). This bill was an extension of a recently enacted law which allows a family member or law enforcement to initiate a GVRO and have guns removed from a house of a person who is deemed dangerous. While this measure was permissive, it would have put psychologists in a tenuous position where confidentiality would have had to be broken to seek a GVRO. There was no clear standard in law to determine when a GVRO should be initiated and no immunity from liability from filing (or not filing) a GVRO.
CPA is very concerned about gun violence and will be looking to engage in the ongoing debate of what must be done to curb gun violence, but cannot support bills that are unworkable and potentially harmful to the professions and the clients served.
Status: Vetoed by the Governor.

AB 1715 (Holden) Applied Behavior Analysts License
CPA Opposed Bill
AB 1715 will establish a multi-tiered license for Behavior Analysts in California. CPA is concerned with specific language in the bill pertaining to training, education, and supervision. We have a more global concern about the need for a separate license for one treatment technique and are concerned setting a precedent could result in other groups seeking licensure for specific techniques.
Status: Stalled for the year. Due to CPA’s opposition (in addition to others), the sponsors chose not to hear the bill in the Senate. We expect a new bill in 2017

AB 2086 (Cooley and Mathis) Neuropsychologists in Workers’ Compensation
CPA Sponsored Bill
AB 2086 will place in statute a correct definition of a clinical neuropsychologist for purposes of participating as a QME in
the Workers’ Compensation system in California. For over two decades, there have been distinct categories for clinical
psychologists and neuropsychologists within the California Workers’ Compensation system.
Status: Set for hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 1, 2016.

SB 1194 (Hill) Board of Psychology Sunset Extension
CPA Supported Bill
SB 1194 will extend the operations of the Board until January 2021. The bill also contains provisions to establish a Retired Psychology License and ensure that all future applicants for licensure will have graduated from a regionally-accredited institution.
Status: Passed Senate and Assembly Policy Committee unanimously. Awaiting hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee in August.

AB 1863 (Wood) MFTs in Health Clinics
CPA Opposed Bill
AB 1863 adds MFTs to a list of clinicians working in Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or a Rural Health Center (RHC) for purposes of a per visit Medi-Cal payment under the prospective payment system (PPS). CPA is opposed to this measure as psychologists are better trained to work with clients in these settings.
Status: Passed Assembly and Senate Policy Committee unanimously. Awaiting hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee in August.


Last month, the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association organized their second Capitol Leaders Day, where members met to observe and discuss the legislative process. Along with CPA’s Lobbyist, Amanda Levy, the group met before a legislative hearing to review legislative process and procedure. We then walked over to the Capitol and observed a hearing of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee. These members had the opportunity to watch the Legislature in action, observe what worked and what didn’t work, and ask questions about everything they saw. The event was organized by SVPA and even featured a special guest psychologist from Contra Costa County! If you or your chapter is interested in a similar event, please email Amanda Levy at alevy@cpapsych.org