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CPA Awards
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CPA Awards

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Award Descriptions:

Silver PSI Award

The Silver Psi award recognizes outstanding service to the California Psychological Association and is given to psychologists who have made a significant and sustained (five years or more) contribution to the Association.  An example of the kind of activities that might be acknowledged by the Silver Psi includes the chairing of an important committee that has proven to be particularly productive.  Time in governance is not valued in and of itself.  It’s time well used to further the goals of the Association.

Bronze PSI Award

The Bronze Psi recognizes outstanding service to CPA by a graduate student in Psychology.  The purpose of the award is to give recognition and encouragement those who have served the profession early in the development of their careers.  Examples of the kinds of activities that might warrant a Bronze Psi include outstanding service to CPA, increasing student involvement in CPA, and increasing student awareness of CPA activities and programs.

Distinguished Contribution To Psychology as a Profession Award

The Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession award honors a Psychologist who has made exemplary contributions to the profession of psychology.

Considerations for this award would be given for pioneering efforts, sustained and exemplary service, or leadership in the field in other important ways.

Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award

The Distinguished Contribution to Psychology award honors a psychologist or non-psychologist who has improved the image of psychology by increasing the public’s understanding of the discipline and/or the profession of psychology.  This award is open to all Californians and is intended to promote good will and broader understanding of the field.  The person nominated might be a writer (both print and electronic), teacher, manager/administrator, health professional, mental health advocate or the like.  The important factor is that the public’s understanding and awareness of psychology is increased in some significant way by the nominee’s contribution.

Distinguished Scientific Achievement in Psychology Award

The Distinguished Scientific Achievement in Psychology award honors a psychologist who has contributed exceptional research of great impact to the field of psychology.  This award is intended to build the relationship between CPA and the academic community through public recognition of significant accomplishments by scientist psychologists.  Evidence of scientific achievement should be documented by the publication of books, research in peer-reviewed journals, and the like.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors a professional whose contributions to psychology are exemplary and who has significantly advanced the field of psychology over a sustained period of time.  This award is intended to give psychologists in California the opportunity to learn directly from the psychology’s great masters.  As such, it may be given to a person in California or beyond.

Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award

The Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution Award honors a person whose voluntary and career efforts have directly and significantly improved the quality of life for a broad range and large number of persons in our society.  The award is intended to highlight members of our profession as people who transcend guild interests.  The award also is intended to bring humanitarian leaders of national stature to the CPA Convention and therefore is not necessarily limited to Californians.  Criteria for selection include voluntary efforts of humanitarian importance made through education, policy, programs, and/or advocacy.

CPA Jerry Clark Award for Advocacy

The CPA Jerry Clark Award for Advocacy honors a CPA member who has contributed significantly to CPA’s advocacy agenda.  The award is intended to promote advocacy among our members by recognizing those who contribute significantly to CPA’s advocacy agenda. Examples of activities may include proposing or drafting legislation, testifying before committee, doing volunteer work for legislators, building grass roots support, or serving the legislative process in some other important way.  The award may be considered as a step toward the Karl F. Heiser Award for Advocacy granted by the American Psychological Association.  CPA members who are active advocates, but who do not meet the requirement for sustained leadership in legislative affairs — honored by the Heiser — should be considered for this award.

Student Award for Advocacy

The Student Award for Advocacy is intended to promote advocacy among CPAGS students and honors a CPAGS student who has contributed significantly to CPA's advocacy agenda. Examples of activities may include the organization of a student Leadership and Advocacy Conference, organizing individuals to attend CPA's Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Sacramento, building grassroots support among students, outstanding service as a student member of the Government Affairs Steering Committee, or serving the legislative process in some other important way.

CPA Award for Outstanding Chapter

The Outstanding Chapter award is intended for the CPA affiliate chapter that demonstrates exceptional service to its members and/or to the profession of psychology.  The award is designed to recognize excellence so that the chapter will serve as a model for others to follow.  Examples of programs or activities that would distinguish a chapter could include special community projects, exceptional grassroots advocacy, unique member services, and activities that foster closer linkages to CPA.  When considering nominees, the size of chapter membership and the amount of available resources will be considered.  Larger chapters are expected to have a more substantial programs and activities than smaller chapters.  The percentage of dual members (CPA/Chapter members), and the percentage of growth in dual members, will also be considered.

CPA Award for Outstanding Newsletter

The Outstanding Newsletter award is designed to recognize an exceptional chapter newsletter so that it serves as a model for other chapters to follow.  When selecting a recipient, some of the factors to consider might include the number of published issues, the average length of each issue, the amount of CPA coverage, the format or readability, and the informational value of its content.  The size of the chapter’s membership and the amount of available resources also will be taken into account when selecting a recipient.  Larger chapters, which typically have greater resources, will be expected to have more substantial newsletters.  Like other CPA awards, in a given year the Awards Committee may chose not to recognize a chapter newsletter, if the nominees are not considered exceptional in some way.


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